Why Law Enforcement Why Now?

Why Law Enforcement? Why NOW?
“The best anti-crime program a community can employ is to build resilience in their kids. This program will get that done.” Dr. Michael Bradley, author of “When Things Get Crazy With Your Teen: The Why, The How and The What To Do Now!”

We believe that if a child feels valued, even if no one has valued them previously, we can equip them with the tools that they will need to be resilient and handle adversity.
We believe that if a child values themselves, they will value others.
We believe that if a child values themselves and others, they will be more empathetic, more respectful, better decision makers, less likely to harm themselves or others, less violent and better equipped to handle any adversity that may come their way.
We believe we can teach children how to identify, appreciate and control their own value.

Law Enforcement has been charged with teaching our children prevention education for years,  However, prevention programs only go so far.  Whether you are trying to teach violence prevention, drug or alcohol prevention or decision making, the skills that a child needs to accomplish all of them come from the same place within them.  Who better to teach this curriculum than police officers, as they are known community role models representing strength and justice?  Having law enforcement officers in the classroom is a proven educational delivery system.  Officers in the schools, in non-enforcement roles, will begin to mend the strained law enforcement/community relationship and start to re-establish community trust.

This 40 hour training will teach officers to implement a 13-week research based curriculum to 4th or 5th graders in their communities. The COREMatters Project is based on research in the areas of bullying prevention, competency and social emotional learning. However, our technique is innovative. We utilize physical moves of empowerment as a metaphor for the social emotional lessons. This creates an environment that is based on discipline, respect, and a strict code of conduct. This allows the children to feel the concepts within their muscles, creating meaning for difficult-to-understand social emotional lessons. This process replaces the false power that violence and bullying provide with real empowerment.

Part of this process includes teaching children how to face and handle adversity. Many well-meaning parents remove anything they perceive as painful or difficult from their children’s lives. This actually impedes the natural maturation process and creates young people who, as a result of never having the experience of solving their own problems, are incapable of handling the normal pit-falls of adulthood. As a result, many do not develop the tools needed to handle the emotions related to social and emotional maturity. This leads to increased anxiety, fear and confusion which many times leads to violence. This program allows children to understand that, although they may not be in control of everything that happens to them, they are in absolute control of how they react.

The 40-hour training will be physical in nature. Candidates should be:
* Sworn Police officer with a minimum of 2-years of patrol experience
* Passionate about helping children become who they are meant to be
* In good health and physically fit
* Prior teaching experience helpful, but not a requirement

What the training includes:
* Instruction by professional instructors
* Certification* to implement copy-written curriculum
* Curriculum guide and necessary supplemental material
* COREMatters Project instructor uniform shirt

Post-Training responsibilities:

*$250.00 Yearly licensing fee per school (to be paid by the school) – includes administration, continuing education training or any curriculum update training needed at no additional cost.

* Per student material fee of $10.00 – includes workbooks and belts (may be paid by school, parents, PTA, private business, asset forfeiture monies, etc.)

*certification is held by officer, license is held by department.

(708) 389-0641.


This program can only be made possible through community partnership.  Many schools do not have the means to bring a program such as this to their buildings. If you have the means to sponsor a student, or your business is interested in sponsoring a child or school, please consider donating to the Erik Bohne-Pace Memorial Foundation. This non-for-profit organization was created in 2001 following the sudden death of Erik Bohne-Pace.

The ERIK BOHNE-PACE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit foundation so your donation of any size is tax-deductible.


The mission of the Erik Bohne-Pace Memorial Foundation is to keep the memory of an exceptional young man alive for many years to come.

For the first 9 years of the foundation’s existence an annual fundraiser was held. The proceeds of these fundraisers made it possible for the foundation to award over academic scholarships to deserving students as well as support brain tumor research.  However, in 2009, due to the failing economy and increased financial hardships of the foundation’s benefactors, it was the common feeling of the entire Board of Directors to disband the fund raising efforts.

In 2011, the Board of Directors voted to expand and adjust the philanthropic activities of the foundation based on the great need among young people in this area, and throughout the country, to have an educational program that will bring back the basics of respect both in and outside of the classroom.  It was then that the efforts of the Foundation became focused on accepting donations to support The COREMatters Project.

It is the goal of the Board of Directors to create and administer a program that will help combat the influences on today’s youth so as to make a difference in the quality of life for all its citizens.

If you would like more information or to help bring the COREMatters project to your child’s school, please contact us at (708) 389-0641.

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