“The COREMatters Project has been very well received at Incarnation School by parents, students and staff alike. Our 5th and 6th grade children enrolled in this program are actively engaged during the lessons and look forward to them each week. They seem to really crave the discipline and structure and have also demonstrated much more respectful and appropriate behavior since the program began. They COREMatters Project has definitely made a positive impact on our school culture.”

Maria Hawk – Principal Incarnation School – Palos Heights

“I’ve personally seen growth in our children and have noticed that they feel better about themselves as the classes’ progress. Just today a student used skills they had learned in class to confront another student who wasn’t making a correct choice. The classes are emotional and physical; students are using brains and muscle to learn self respect and control. We practice the three Rs at River Valley School (readiness, respectfulness and responsibility). COREMatters reinforces our belief system and teaches our students that they matter and that they have self worth. “

Debra Lynch – River Valley Elementary – Lemont – Chief Researcher Testimonial

The COREMatters project is aimed at decreasing disrespect, physical aggression, and bullying behaviors among children in their community. This non-profit organization is comprised of passionate and competent individuals that want to create a positive school environment for children to succeed academically, emotionally, and socially. Cultivating a positive school environment and community for our children is a top priority of the COREMatters project. I am honored to be connected with a project that will facilitate a positive sense of self, empowerment, and hope among children.

Jennifer E. Beebe, Ph.D., NCC

“This program is cutting edge. It encompasses new thinking, that’s really old! Morals and values that have been lost on our children. I pray this program can be taught worldwide.” – R. Dawson Police Officer/COREMatters Project Instructor

“This should be taught in police and fire academies. Everyone keeps trying to find a new way to fix the problems in the world, but the solution has always been right in front of us RESPECT. I believe that I will be a better officer, friend, husband and father after attending this training.” – M. Jurka Police Officer/COREMatters Project Instructor

“I want to let you know that this class may only be a 13-week program, but it’s impact will last a lifetime. The COREMatters Project is going to help change our schools, our society and our future. This program gives me hope that my kids can grow up being treated better and learning to be better.” – C. Steffen Police Officer/COREMatters Project Instructor

“This has been the best class I have taken in the 27.5 years of Law Enforcement. Not only have I been empowered to lead and teach the 5th grade level of students, but I feel the qualities of knowledge, respect and responsibility reminded me and opened my mind to teach and lead by example to all ages.” – R. Parker Deputy Sheriff/COREMatters Project Instructor

After 10 weeks of COREMAtters:

“My daughter’ has told me about respect and learning how to handle bullying and about loyalty and the code of conduct. She has become far more cooperative and respectful when asked to help out around the house. She often does chores without being asked and volunteers to help out more. She’s more respectful to everyone in the house, including her pets. I think it’s a great initiative that should be continued. I have noticed incremental changes in my daughter’s behavior that I will continue to foster.” – parent of 4th grader

“She learned self-defense in not all attacks are physical. She learned the code of conduct, and how to strengthen her core, inside and outside. She is more responsible, more understanding and compassion. She takes more responsibility and offers to help” – parent of 4th grader

“Works better to problem solve with her siblings.I think it is a wonderful program and teaches the kids to self-reflect and to consider others feelings.” – parent of 4th grader

“She seems to be overall calmer, nicer and more respectful. She also exhibits a bit more self-confidence” – parent of 4th grader

“My son has started to exercise more and plays outside more.” – parent of 4th grader

After 5 weeks of COREMatters:

“She has been more disciplined with school work and chores at home. She has taken on more by helping her sister with things she normally wouldn’t have. Extremely more confident and secure with herself. Excellent Program!” – parent of 5th grader

“He has been more attentive to correction and more open to change. He hasn’t complained or become upset like he used to.” – parent of 6th grader

“She is more confident in herself, more ready to stand up for herself and not afraid to speak out.”– parent of 4th grader

“He is owning and correcting his mistakes much better. He is taking responsibility for his actions.”– parent of 4th grader

“She is more cooperative and helpful. She is helping around the house without being told.” – parent of 4th grader

“We especially love hearing ‘Ma’am’ and ‘Sir’!” – parent of 4th grader

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